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My name is Craig Johnstone, Freelance Application and Website Developer (+ general I.T Guru). Let me tell you a bit about about me… I have been working in Information Technology for over 25 years. In that time I’ve had the pleasure of gaining experience in many areas of business and the transformation that I.T has made in business over the decades.

Of the 25 years working in the technology sector,  I’d say around 15 years of that I have been doing at least some type of Application and Website development or Application support activities in my job roles. Even though many of my roles were not specifically developer roles, I’ve always felt the need to develop something to help my day to day activities and try to spot an opportunity to get my developer hat on..

I’m a Glaswegian, born and breed.. but dont hold that against me!! I’m a hard working, trustworthy, helpful and general “nice” guy to work with.. I’m always spending a little more time with my clients to truly understand their needs and concerns. I always strive to build a long time relationship with my clients to ensure I understand and react quickly to their needs.

So, what do I like to do outside of development I hear you ask!? Well, I dont have much free time, mainly due to parental responsibilities to a little boy and girl. They keep my occupied during any free time I have. I do have an interest in Marine life and have a marine tank at home that I enjoy tinkering with and filling with far too expensive fish and corals.

What I offer

I can offer you a wide range of servers including –

  • Application / Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Bug Fixing (App/Web)
  • Environmental Support (Windows/Linux)
  • Hosting
  • Site Backups (Local/Cloud)
  • Virus Removal
  • Consulting
  • Website Performance Tuning

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Congratulations if you have made it this far. You passed the test. So, if you would like to have an informal chat about your needs or issues, please get in touch via the contact page or directly via email hello@cajsoft.co.uk.

Looking forward to working with you.